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    Ikkat weaves in India: A short story

    You should know that what the reason behind the popularity of India Ikkat is globally. The developed techniques and experience of the master weavers are the reason of the increasing demand. In India the special thing of Ikkat cotton sarees weaving is that each and every region evolved its own weaving and dyeing of the yarns.

    Ikat from Andhra/ Telangana

    Telia Rumaal and Pochampally Ikat: Of all Indian Ikkat sarees the one most unique weaving form is the Telia Rumal which is from Andhra Pradesh. Here the yarn is tied-dyed along with treated with special oil. It gives the fabric a special characteristic sheen. Usually this is a double Ikkat. Where both weft and wrap that is crossing over and longitudinal yarns are dyed. It is dyed with the motifs that are drawn on them. In castor oil and ash the yarns are dipped then. Then they are woven. Mostly the motifs are repetitive and geometrical such as well-defined diamonds, large, squares, hexagons are the basic design that you will mostly find in the Telia Rumal Ikkat. This Ikkat is known to be very auspicious and cooling.